EnergyElective was created as a public benefit corporation dedicated to widespread deployment of high-value energy efficiency technology for individual customers so local jurisdictions can use cheaper, cleaner power to replace fossil utilities. The business strategy uses the extraordinary cost-effectiveness of automated efficiency technology as the leading edge for creation of intelligent micro-grids; then later adds renewable generation and storage in order to meet 100% of a community’s requirements with clean energy. This new clean utility, built by the energy customers themselves, is designed to expand rapidly across the country following a launch in Sonoma County and replication in California. By starting with efficiency, and building an intelligent grid from the bottom up, the new utility establishes a decisive cost advantage compared to the traditional fossil-fueled utilities’ centralized structure.

This graph represents the daily supply and demand of electricity in California. This information is from CAISO’s website. Click on the graph to see the current supply and demand figures.


Fixing the System

Our present electric utility system is outdated and in desperate need of replacement. Currently, customers of most electric utility companies buy excessive amounts of power that they never use. This is due to the fact that the electric utility is blind and dumb. It cannot communicate with its customers, and because of that it cannot properly anticipate the true amount and dynamics of demand. The electric utility is thus forced to always overproduce in order to avoid a blackout. Unfortunately, this lack of intelligence in the grid costs ratepayers a lot of money. By using automated efficiency technology, EnergyElective will create an intelligent micro-grid that can understand all the dynamics of demand and supply in real time, revolutionizing the way we consume our power.